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Gmail to Google Apps Email Migration (part 2)

I promised an Amazon EC2 AMI with imapsync and a few Gmail migration scripts. See the Gmail to Google Apps Email Migration post for background information. I'll jump right in with a procedure to get you started with your own migration:

Gmail to Google Apps Email Migration

I came up with a method for migrating the emails in my personal Gmail ( email account to my Google Apps ( email account. I had a few simple requirements:

Consuming Webservices with Complex Input Parameters

ColdFusion sometimes has trouble assembling the inputs to a web service when the parameters to the web service function are complex. I ran into trouble recently when trying to use the findObjects() method of the API-A interface to a Fedora Commons repository.

There is a discussion of this issue in the adobe forums with a good description of ColdFusion's behavior when preparing parameters for a web service call.

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